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@Danielle Esty asked: Don I have a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer too.

What do you do once you have reached goal weight?

My answer is:

1. Tell Don: “I am out of here. Love and hate you at the same time. Hope to never see or need you. Bye.”

2. You shop for nice clothes with normal size people

3. You may look around but you keep your spouse

4. You keep your spouse but you raise your demands. You are worth more now.

5. Definitely, have more sex (or have sex at all….)

6. Start shopping at Victoria Secret like a regular (see #5 above)

7. You start executing fantasies you could not earlier because of your weight

8. You consider finding a new job because normal size people earn more than obese people

9. It’s time to check if your spouse REALLY pays attention, so you wear something extremely sexy that even the neighbors (and maybe one more man you had in mind) will notice and your spouse will start thinking “Am I good enough for her”

10. You start looking for a swimsuit that will turn some heads around

11. You DEFINITELY going to make some “friends” be really jealous

12. You get immediately a new DL with a sexy looking picture

If you do not find love, like I predict you do, start eating junk, increase weight and come back to this loving community. We will give you love….
Shall I continue?

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