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GONE: 30 lbs + 40 inches in 28 day using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE

Okay y’all so here is my side by side of what it looks like to loose 30 pounds in 28 days same exact shirt it’s a 4x I feeel soooooo much better it has been hard at times but I wouldn’t trade it for anything … I didn’t gain this weight in 1 day and I’m sure loosing it fast don and Rachael and my family here at Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE are the most amazing people I have lost nearly 40 inches all over . In 28 days and yes Don I’m sure it was only 30 pounds not 60 lol 😂😂

Added: Looks like I’ve lost 60 lbs but it’s 30 lbs of FAT + 40 inches in 28 days that are GONE using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE. #HealthyWeight WITHOUT surgery is possible WITHOUT #WLS #GastricBypass #GastricSleeve #BariatricSurgery LOVE #GastricBypassALTERNATIVE


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