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Endless SUCCESS reviews of users losing 1 lb per day or up to 50 lbs per month. That’s 2 times FASTER weight reduction compared to the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE® to gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, Lap-Band, roux-en-y

From size 20 to size 12 in 2 months

Added: From size 20 to size 12 in 2 months. Better than a gastric sleeve, bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery. Love my new life. Start date April 6 - 218 lbs. Size 20 (tight) Today 172 lbs. Size 12. (Getting loose already) Believe in yourself, be your own...

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117 lbs in 7 months WITHOUT surgery

117 lbs in 7 months WITHOUT surgery Hi everybody my name is Patricia Howle everyone calls me PJ I live in Midland Texas I started Gastric Bypass Alternative November 28th 2016 at 324.0 Pounds as of today I'm at 207.0 117.0 Pounds Gone forever 😊 still have a...

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My name is Juan- 413 lb

Hi, my name is Juan, my wt. is 413 lb. my height is 6'4". And I just received my kit in the mail. I will be setting it up to begin tomorrow. I've been dealing with my weight pretty much all my life. Had asthma since I was 2, and at 54 yrs old think it's about time....

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Video report: Day 6 – 10 lbs down – yehaaa

Day 6 yehaaa Added: I tried almost everything and nothing works as well as this. The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE website https// has EVERYTHING you need to succeed and achieve you #HealtyWeight. If you follow the instructions and RULES in your...

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My weight loss progress – day 1 and day 7

These are pictures of Day 1 and day 7. Although it's only a 5 lb difference I can see some subtle differences in the pictures. My shirt fits a little looser and I notice that my boobs are smaller 😩😩. I've also lost 14.75 inches so far! I'm pushing...

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Strange, my double chin is disappearing

This may seem strange but it's working to get rid of my double chin!! .... i will add a before pic to the comments after it gets posted Added: I noticed a change in my face. My double chin is disappearing. Look at my picture demonstration. I love it.

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Dairy is SCARY. Must watch and SHARE.

Why not dairy while on the #GastricBypassALTERNATIVE regimen? This is one of the reasons. Watch and share The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE is CHEAPER, safer and better than a...

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Well not even a half a pound lost since yesterday

Well not even a half a pound lost since yesterday.. my body really doesn't want to lose it's unhealthy friend.. or I am doing something wrong.. I drink at least 16-8 oz glasses of water a day that doesn't include the water needed to take the pills, morning dose or...

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