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Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE® users report losing weight impressively and FASTER compared to gastric sleeve Vs gastric bypass Vs Lap-Band Vs roux-en-y. Disclaimer: Results vary and these results are not typical… 

Success coaches were regular customers who lost 70 to 215 lbs using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE® regimen and became a paid coaches – you can be too!   *These inspiring weight reductions are not typical and may vary…

Liz (AR) lost -125 lbs

I knew I had to make a change before my 40th birthday. I continue to pray to god to help me find a way to be healthy. I believe God led me here. In just 10-11 months this regimen has changed my life. I have lost 125 lbs so far and on my way to a healthy weight. This has been God’s gift to me. My energy and confidence has drastically increased.

Roxie (OH, Diabetic) lost 83 lbs

I am a diabetic and have improved my A1C from 12 to a normal 6 after reducing 83 lbs. I have maintained my healthy weight for 2 years.

Brian M. (MA) lost amazing -215 lbs

I had struggled with my weight my entire life. At 18 I decided to make a change. I avoided bariatric surgery and by using the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE. I lost 215 lbs and have maintained the weight reduction.

Darlene (TN, senior) reduced 81 lbs

My Dr told me if I didn’t reduce my weight I would be in a wheelchair for the remainder of my life. I was devastated and had given up hope. My children purchased the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE for me. Best Christmas present ever! I have reduced 81 lbs at the age of 75. I improved my health and quality of life.

Roger M. (FL, Spanish) lost 120 lbs

Hola, dropping -120 lbs changed my life. More business, health and… love (Spanish only) Yo le ayudaré a tener éxito.

Marilon C. (AZ, limited mobility) lost 80 lbs

I have limited mobility, as a result I can’t exercise. I knew I had to make a change. A family member died from bariatric surgery and I was determined to find another solution. The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE changed my life.

Chris (TX) reduced 105 lbs

I reduced my weight 105 lbs in 10 months and have continued to maintain my weight loss for the last 2 years. I loves sports, especially soccer and am happy to be back on the field thanks to the Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE.

Huge belly difference 30 lbs in 44 days

So, The Don Karl Juravin asked me to post some before and after photos. I started off 44 days ago at 215.8 lbs. as of today, I'm just under 187, past my second goal weight of 188 lbs. Here are photos of my first day, and then this morning. This program will work for...

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From size 20 to size 12 in 2 months

Added: From size 20 to size 12 in 2 months. Better than a gastric sleeve, bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery. Love my new life. Start date April 6 - 218 lbs. Size 20 (tight) Today 172 lbs. Size 12. (Getting loose already) Believe in yourself, be your own...

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117 lbs in 7 months WITHOUT surgery

117 lbs in 7 months WITHOUT surgery Hi everybody my name is Patricia Howle everyone calls me PJ I live in Midland Texas I started Gastric Bypass Alternative November 28th 2016 at 324.0 Pounds as of today I'm at 207.0 117.0 Pounds Gone forever 😊 still have a...

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What do you do when you reach a healthy weight?

@Danielle Esty asked: Don I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answer too. What do you do once you have reached goal weight? My answer is: 1. Tell Don: "I am out of here. Love and hate you at the same time. Hope to never see or need you. Bye." 2. You...

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