Cure Cancer with Fasting

Can We Cure Cancer With Easy Fasting? The #1 weight reduction group in America is relying on the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE. Successful user lose 2 time fast weight than bariatric surgery patients. The inventor, Don Karl Juravin, claim the regimen is not only better...

Effects of Emotional And Stress Eating On Obesity

New understanding of the stress and emotional eating mechanism reveals that bariatric surgeries aren’t the real solution to the obese. Actually, a non-surgical Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE may provide a better weight reduction solution than gastric bypass, LapBand or gastric sleeve.

Stress is a condition in which “environmental demands exceed the adaptive capacity of an organism, resulting in psychological and biological changes which may increase the risk for disease” (Cohen 1997).

Fast Weight Reductions Tip

OJ deception: much sugar no vitamin C

The FDA permits manufacturers in the food and drink industry to list the nutrients of natural orange juice at the time of packaging. Based on the "food facts" label, the consumer expects to have benefited from all the claimed nutrients all the way to it's expiration...

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Bariatric Surgery Failures