Her weight was 324 lbs and she disliked life. Patricia Howle from Midland, TX was an obese food addict both in the quantity and eating of junk food. She knew it’s bad but couldn’t stop it. She was aware of her deteriorating health and mental status but she couldn’t take control and change it. Not even when the doctors warned her.

She was burden on her family: bound to a scooter and barely able to do anything for herself often calling for help to cook, clean, bathe, shop, tie her shoes, laundry, and even clean her after a bowel movement. Not how life supposed to be for her or her family. “I always had a smile on but I was crying on the inside”

On the trip to a cabin in New Mexico she realized she can’t make the 2 flights of stairs: “Every time I had to walk up those stairs, I had to stop, sit down, and take a break before continuing on up. I could feel my family was irritated with having to wait on me and take care of me. By the time I got to the top of the stairs, I couldn’t breathe.”

Instead of enjoying with her grandchildren, PJ had to drive and buy an oxygen tank while on vacation. As a Texan she obviously wanted also to ride a horse but found it embarrassing even with several people trying to assist her…. she was unable and was left out of another family event. The biggest go-kart was too small for PJ to fit.

Her marriage suffered as well because PJ’s husband had to be “her legs” for everyday’s simple tasks. She was a burden and even an embarrassment: “I wanted to pick up my grandkids from school but they would pretend not to know me… nor take a picture with me at Christmas… they were embarrassed by my size.”

In short, “My husband and kids were tired of having to take care of me. I was having to pay my nieces to clean my home because I physically could not. My husband and daughter would have to get me out of the bath because I could not get myself out. They were actually having to clean me after a bowel movement because I no longer could reach my own bottom,” PJ admitted tearfully in her gastric bypass Facebook group post.

Her mother demanded she seek help and she realized that “enough is enough” and that she can’t continue to carry 324 lbs and suffer from sleep apnea, prediabetes, depression, leg numbness from poor circulation, asthmatic breathing, and ripping of an incisional hernia due to her weight.

PJ was searching for gastric bypass when she found the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE claiming to be “Cheaper, safer and better than any bariatric surgery.” In the gastric bypass Facebook group, users of that regimen swore to be losing weight from day one and, what seemed to be, at a faster rate than a gastric bypass patient. The cost for 4 months supply was only about $800 which is less than the insurance deductible.

Like many other obese people, she was fed up with promises of weight loss success stories. She wanted to see for herself and talk to the “testimonials.” She didn’t trust weight loss companies. So, for three months, she watched live videos of users and follow users’ weight reduction progress. Since it looked too good to be true, PJ was messaging and talking to users of the regimen. Sandra Deal was my inspiration with her 50 lbs in 10 weeks post. Talking to her made me realize it was the answer to my prayers.

She didn’t know what to make of the “crazy” inventor, Don Karl Juravin, who doesn’t agree to sell the regimen to everyone but only to those who mark “Fat is unhealthy and UGLY” in the health application. He demands that you continue to think so all the way until you achieve your healthy weight in his boot camp on the gastric bypass Facebook group. He will ban members who compliment users for losing weight, unless they have become of normal weight.

The weight loss journey began on November 28, 2016 with 324 lbs and began seeing results immediately:

> Lost 18 lbs in the first 3 weeks (see: before and after)
> Lost 30 lbs at 6 weeks (see: before and after). No back pain and stopped taking hernia pills.
> Lost 62 lbs at 3 months (see: before and after) and stopped all medication for sleeping aid, anxiety, and antidepressants
> Lost 86 lbs at 5 months and stopped using the scooter or cane. (see: before and after)
> Lost 128 lbs at 8 months (see: before and after)
> Lost 162 lbs at 10 months (see: before and after)
>Lost 186 lbs at 11 months and achieved a healthy weight of 138 lbs (see: before and after)

Don Karl Juravin rewarded PJ for her success with 100% money-back, the entire $1,430 that she paid.

Written by: Jennifer Gonzales who started at 580 lbs and lost 150 lbs so far using the same regimen like PJ