Insurance reimbursement

Try to claim the cost from your insurance provider. You maybe have better chances to get he money back when you provide them with prove, or decleration, of success and health improvement.

Copy paste to a document


To: [insurance carrier]

From: [full name] ID _____________

Date: [today]

Re: Reimbursement for the Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE regimen

To whom it may concern:

For years I have tried to achieve a healthy BMI but, with no real success. My current BMI of [BMI] is not healthy and I am suffering from [medical issue, medical issue, medical issue] which, above my suffering, costs both me and you money.

Unless my overweight condition improves, I am concerned that I will need to have the expensive and undesirable bariatric surgery under the [state] rules [code]  

Based on codes [ S9451, 97802], please reimburse me for [sale$] which I have paid Must Cure Obesity (FL, 2000) on their site for the Healthy Weight BOOTCAMP regimen supply for the initial treatment of my obesity.

Disclaimer: prepared by MCO for [your full name] only