Can We Cure Cancer With Easy Fasting?

The #1 weight reduction group in America is relying on the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE. Successful user lose 2 time fast weight than bariatric surgery patients. The inventor, Don Karl Juravin, claim the regimen is not only better than any weight loss surgery in the world, but it is also the strongest weight reduction regimen in the world.

To prove his point he started a “NO food – NO hunger” trend and user don’t eat for 21 or 30 days relaying only on the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE and water. They state it’s easy with the regimen.

Research and science suggest that it’s conceivable to cure cancer with FASTING. Simply NO food for 10-20 days to cure cancer.

Sounds too good to be true but research and science insist. It even implies that it can be better than chemotherapy. Now, fasting is not easy even when a cancer patient knows that her/his life depends on it. When I introduced the newest 2018 Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen, I claimed that it’s so strong that my group members do not need to eat. I shared that notion with them on my third day of NO food – NO hunger and I continue to rely on the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen and water for 6 full days.

NO food – NO hunger idea took off on its own with the users of the regimen in the Facebook group. They simply took the initiative and few of them fasted for 30 and 21 days and even repeated it, Almost everyone who did the NO food NO hunger with the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen reported it to

Fastring may be better than chemotherapy:

Healing Cancer on Time: How intermittent fasting may help