We are not all the same and our proposed Instructions can’t always be good for everyone. Be tuned to your body and make personal adjustments to the Instructions that will improve results for you. Our Instructions should be taken as a starting point and you adjust to maximize weight reduction.

We encourage you to change the dosage, the frequency or the timing to personally maximize your weight reduction. You may change it again and again till you achieve the best results. When you think you have found the best instructions for you, be consistent and adhere to it. If it’s really good, share it with us and we will consider sharing it with the group. BTW, don’t create new instructions because of laziness.

Proposed Instructions improvements

Morning dose: 1/3 of the Activator as you wake up. 2-3 spoons before your two meals (especially the last meal). Again, 2 hours before bedtime. That will keep the Gastric Bypass Effect stronger and longer throughout the day.

White pills: 2 pills with your first dose of the Anti-Cravings and again 2 hours before bedtime.

Anti-Cravings: the instruction call for 2 times a day, you may drink the 3rd one 2-3 hours before bedtime.