The Secrete Ingredient of The GBA Success

Don Karl Juravin Boot Camp House Rules v1.0

1. I will do EVERYTHING (even borderline legal) to have you achieve your healthy weight

2. Don’t look from any stranger for motivation to live longer and be healthy. The motivation to achieve a healthy weight and achieve your goal can come ONLY from WITHIN yourself.

You are the only one who knows if your kids, grandkids and spouse are worth living longer for them

3. Don’t expect for us to explain to you why it’s better to buy toys and vacations over paying medical bills and drugs.

4. #TheDON boot camp is a PRIVILEGE and is not a support or group. On the contrary, in a military-style I will shake you to the ground so you can build yourself BRAND NEW like you deserve to be.

I want to have in my boot camp only “The Few – The Best”, those that deserve to achieve a healthy weight and only need a tool.

5. The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE is designed to be the STRONGEST non-surgical weight reduction in the WORLD.

Actually, look in this group and you will see that, under my leadership, successful users achieve 20-40 lbs a month weight reduction vs. only 6 to 11 lbs a month that gastric bypass surgery patients achieve after cutting part of their stomach.

6. You are expected to read and know EVERYTHING in your

7. You will be rewarded for finding a worthy question which does not have an answer in your HUB

8. This group is designed to help you ACCELERATE in your weight reduction and get new ideas of how to get faster to your healthy weight reduction goal

9. My users of the regimen are extremely FOCUSED on achieving their healthy weight goal and I do not allow any stupid questions that were already answered in your

That’s *rude and wasteful* to ask 18,000 group members to login and read the instructions for you just because you are lazy and don’t care enough to succeed.

10. DON’T privately contact members with a question that have already been answered in your It’s is not only disrespectful of their time but will end up with only PARTIAL & WRONG answer and fail.

11. At some point your body MAY show resistance to losing the weight, you will resort to the ANSWER page in you HUB and easily overcome it.

12. Inspire the team frequently (1+ times a week) with your progress, pictures new ideas and personal words of wisdom

13. I am not impressed when you lose weight

14. I like consistency in the group so don’t “inspire” us with on time post of you exercising if it’s not at least 3+times a week for 30+ min.

15. I was born not far from Jesus birth place and I have studied the bible in Hebrew for 12 years. I believe in God and I believe that God introduced you to me and my invention so you will follow my lead to a healthy weight. I strongly believe that God is DONE for now it’s 100% up to you from here on. We will invite God and pray when you graduate my boot camp.

Meanwhile, you rely only on YOURSELF and not on God. Therefore, we do not say “God bless” in my boot camp but rather “LET YOUR INNER STRENGTH MANIFEST

Post about a life change after you have adopted it for a week or two and it’s your new routine.

I am Don Karl Juravin the inventor od the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE, the world’s strongest weight reduction in the world

No false compliments

I know you meant well, but it’s NOT TRUE.

_____ has some _____ more lbs before we can compliment her look.

We DO NOT LIE and we don’t hinder results and that’s why #TheDON boot camp is the most SUCCESSFUL weight reduction group in America.

Until we achieve our healthy weight, we should feel FAT, YUK, and UGLY which fuels us to strive for our weight goal. We are ANGRY that we CAN look good but we don’t. Because we were self-destructive.

We relentlessly pursue the healthy good looking weight goal. So complimenting PREMATURELY is CONFUSING to her.

Constructive Suggestions:

  1. You will soon look greatI can see you in a size 8 dress looking really good
  2. I like your progress
  3. When closer to goal you can say: Your beauty is starting to show

BTW, we have these stages of progress FAT (goal1) >> Ugly (goal2) >> Yuk (goal3) >> looking good (counting backwards to healthy weight) >> BEAUTIFUL

If you make her think she is already “looking good”, she may think that she is at her best/peak and she may not go all the way to her #HeathyWeight to enjoy life and get the 100% money back.

In #TheDON boot camp, we congratulate ONLY when a member starts counting backward in their last 15-20 lbs and not before that.