Pay as you can. Custom produced & shipped when paid in full.

LayawayCost  |  Money-Back

Layaway terms v1.0 June1, 2018:

  • Make eCheck payments whenever you can
  • Remember that it takes 2-4 days for the eCheck to show in your account
  • Once last payment is cleared by your bank, notify us and the regimen will be enter custom production based on your weight Analysis (7-10 day) and shipped Priority at no extra cost.
  • Time limit to pay:
  • We hope that you would want to start your new life ASAP. However, after 5 months, you may claim only 30% of it or we distribute the funds to other members.

Layaway wallet refund:

  • Tax and shipping included.
  • 60% refunded anytime after 10 days to process payments. Exception: if within 3 days of initial deposit: 90% (10 days processing).
  • Price protection: Once ordered, you’re protected from price increase provided you pay in full within 45 days of the price increase.
  • You may change your plan one time at no charge. Any change after, will be $15.
  • Return checks/payments are $15.
  • Fees collected in this plan will be shared to charitable FAT applicants.