The inventor: Don Karl Juravin

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About 10 years ago, I designed the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE to be CHEAPER, safer and much better than any of the bariatric surgeries. I felt it was wrong cutting good part of the digestive system as a quick fix for the disease called: OBESITY.

The death rate of 1 in 250, or even 1 in 400, is way too high of a risk. 100% of bariatric surgery patients suffer complications or side effects and some are TERRIBLE. Yet, most are happy to lose only 50% of their excess fat along with losing hair and teeth.

“It must be a better way” I thought and invented the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE – NO surgery. As of 2017, we have had 80,000 users and the great success of users losing 2 or 4 times faster weight than gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Lap-Band or any weight loss surgery patient.

80,000 obese people in 8 years chose the CHEAPER, safer & better than a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or weight-loss surgery solution. My invention has saved probably thousands from the risky surgery.

Healthy weight WITHOUT bariatric surgery is now possible.

I challenge you to find any regimen and any expert in the world with FASTER weight reduction success or experience with more than 80,000 users wanting to lose up to 300 lbs.

Don Karl Juravin