Weight-loss surgeries compared and voted among 80,000 members in comparison: gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery

The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen is Cheaper, Safer and Better Than Any Bariatric Surgery*

*according bariatric surgeon: Dr. Marcus K. Free, MD

Is it possible to lose 100 lbs in 2 to 6 months WITHOUT a risky bariatric surgery?

Can you lose 190 lbs in 11 months to achieve health weight?

What is it?

Based on your Weight Analysis results, a Bariatric Surgery ALTERNATIVE™ regimen is designed to limit your eating.

The regimen is made of 8 components (only Custom plan has them all)

1: Weight Analysis to detect what causes you to be obese

2: Morning dose is designed to limit your gastric capacity
limited stomach capacity

3: Anti-Cravings® formula is prepared as a drink. Designed to diminish cravings for snacks, sweets and carbohydrates.

4: Reinforcement RED pills to enhance results


5: Reinforcements Yellow pills to enhance the Anti-Cravings®

Yellow pill - Anti-Cravings reinforcement

6: White pills (new) Stress + Sleep

White pills for weight reduction stress and sleep

7: Scientific instructions and RULES to limit your daily calorie intake

6: Your commitment to eat healthy and exercise

Cost comparison

While gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or LapBand surgeries cost $8,000 to $23,000, the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE costs only $250 to $300 X 3 monthly payments.

Cost Savings Calculator

What’s my REAL cost to lose weight including potential savings on medical bills, physician visits & food

Bariatric surgeries DON'T solve CRAVINGS

Bariatric surgeries DON’T solve CRAVINGS or overeating

Cutting and dividing the stomach in the surgery merely causes an earlier artificial sensation of fullness. However, as reality shows, bariatric surgery patients, are not prevented from continuing to eat (“grazing”). They simply overcome the restriction of the surgery by eating “liquid” calories or softer foods with high calories and fat. The total calories consumed can reach pre-surgical levels. Cravings are not controlled and the cause of cravings, macronutrient, and micronutrient deficiencies, are not addressed. Multiple short and long term negative health effects are common to all types of bariatric surgeries and include alteration of the normal intestinal bacteria flora, protein-calorie malnutrition, and other.

Am I qualified?


53% of applicants are approved to buy upon completion of the Weight Analysis. Apply only if:

  • You don’t have an allergy to wheat or gluten
  • You don’t have kidney issues
  • You can follow all instructions and RULES such as avoiding dairy, soda, sweets, fried or junk foods
  • You’re overweight by more than 35 lbs
  • You don’t have any drug interaction or sensitivity to any of the natural active ingredients
  • You don’t have an eating disorder or psychological disorder which may interfere with your success

Comparison: Bariatric surgeries success

Comparison: Bariatric Surgeries Success & Failures Rates

% affected

Gastric Bypass



and other gastric bandingGastric SleeveNumber of patients reaching 50% of excess weight 84.6%Only 15 to 31%66%Avg excess weight loss per person65.7%41%75.9%Years to achieve max possible in this procedure1163Failure: gained the weight back (obesity recurrence)11.2%
1 in 9
1 in 2.5
1 in 7
Negative health effects long term100%100%100%Negative health effects short term100%100%100%Surgery outcome complications10%More than 50%7.5 to 12.1%Reoperation rate6.7 to 24%41%3.3 to 34%Diabetes reversal66.7 to 85%28.6%57.2%Cravings (insulin & sugar spikes)No solutionNo solutionNo solution


  • More people reach the 50% goal mark with gastric bypass and roux-en-y
  • Average weight loss “success” is higher with gastric sleeve
  • Lowest chance (yet, still high) chance of FAILURE is with gastric bypass and roux-en-y
  • Highest chance of FAILURE is with the Lap-Band surgery
  • All bariatric surgeries have 100% negative health effects (side effects or worse) in the short and long terms
  • Similar complications are expected with gastric bypass, roux-en-y and gastric sleeve
  • Worse reoperation rate is 41% for Lab-Band surgery
  • Highest success for diabetes reversal, at ~75%, goes to gastric bypass and roux-en-y
  • No bariatric surgery provides solution (0%) for CRAVINGS



Healthy weight WITHOUT bariatric surgery is now possible*

The Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE invention has saved probably thousands from the risky surgery

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Don Karl Juravin – the inventor

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A new update was posted in the group: Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE - NO surgery.
57lbs gone in 94 days. My skin has cleared up completely. My blood pressure is 120 / 81. My healthy goal weight is btw 154 and 164... I am 5' 6". I am a much happier person with a better outlook on life. Thank you GBA for teaching me how to live and eat a healthful lifestyle !! ❤

A new update was posted in the group: Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE - NO surgery.
The effects of Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE regimen of members with DEPRESSION

Do you know that many of you maybe were subject to a doctor that got incentives for pushing you drugs and "diagnosing" you with a "problem" you don't really have....

*this doesn't replace a doctor's opinion

A new update was posted in the group: Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE - NO surgery.

A new update was posted in the group: Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE - NO surgery.

A new update was posted in the group: Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE - NO surgery.
Joe parks, on behalf of "Mankind" (since we don't have too many here)

Joe Parks: I have been on the program for a solid three weeks now and I have lost 30 lbs so far. The program works as long as you work the program as directed. I mean follow it to a tee. I started off over 305 lbs and need to get to 185. I was on high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and gout meds. Well my doctor has taken me off of the high blood pressure meds and the cholesterol meds so far. I have done what I have off of following the program and eating clean. NO process food. I also have been walking 10,000 step a day. This week I will start working out again. Jerry the program works and trust me I have tried all the others and this is the only one that has worked for me. Last thing, Our grocery bills have dropped by 40% which more then covers the cost of the custom. Can't wait to see you take your first step and feel free to hit me up with any questions.

*“better, safer and cheaper than any bariatric surgery”
Marcus K. Free, MD
Bariatric Surgeon and Board Certified in Surgery

Disclaimer: these are REAL results from REAL users but are not typical and will vary. Read more…
(80,000 users and 8 years experience claim – no scientific research was collected)